IP and Analog Dispatch Solutions for 2-Way Radio Communications



If you are looking to upgrade an outdated system, build your current system and allow for scalability to grow, or completely overhaul to an all-inclusive state-of-the-art system, GLCS can help you every step of the way. We can provide consultation or full systems design offering FCC licensing, repeater and tower design, combining/receiving/antenna work, and subscriber installation and network building. We can do anything from a single-site conventional system to a multi-site trunking system.



Radios, no matter the brand, will perform their basic function; send and receive voice and data from point A to point B. Different frequencies or features of the radio allow for benefits to certain users over others. What makes a 2-way radio industry specific is the accessories. 

We offer a wide range of 2-way radio accessories for numerous industries including: Police, Fire, Construction, Hospitality, Event Staff

Adding a specialized headset or mic to your portable radio will give you the accessibility and ease of communication specific to your industry. The environment and noise levels of a hotel are very different than that of a construction site, therefore a completely different noise cancelling microphone, earpiece, and push to talk system are required by both. 

To perform, you need the right gear. And the right gear needs the right accessories.



Communication is just as important as experience in public safety. However, there can be complications when one department needs to communicate with another when on scene. Interoperability is key in these situations that happen more frequently than they used to. 

Whether you’re using a tactical command center or dispatch consoles, reliable compatibility to work with other systems and equipment is the most important feature we provide.



Two-way radios are simple, and at the same time very complicated. In essence, they send communication from one point to another. Where the radios add complexity is the features. Depending on your industry, there are specific needs. Some counties use a trunking system for public safety. Other industries or businesses use an analog system. 

Some counties use a trunking system for public safety. Other industries or businesses use an analog system. Whichever system you are using, there is a radio to fit your needs. We are proud to represent Kenwood and EF Johnson, two of the most well-respected brands in two-way communications. 

When you are selecting a brand and model two-way radio, there are a lot of factors to consider. 

  • What frequency two-way radio do you need?

  • Do you need a two-way radio with P25 trunking?

  • Is your system analog or digital?

  • Do you need to send data messages or other communication through your two-way radio?

  • Do you need a portable (handheld) radio, vehicle mounted unit or a base station?

These are only a small portion of the information to consider when beginning the buying process. We're equipped with the know how to help you with the entire process, from FCC licensing to the installation of the tower sites and radios into vehicles.



The dispatch centers for emergency services is a fast paced place. Calls in, radio calls so the department(s) needed. Protocols need to be followed so everyone knows what to do and when to do it. Call recording and data logging is an important part of the process. Be it for training purposes or a dropped call, being able to quickly refer back to the information in a call is life-saving.

When it comes to public safety, information and speed are two of the most important factors . When an emergency response operator is able to tell the nearest response teams where to go because they are able to pinpoint the location of the victim and help re-route traffic away from the area, precious seconds are saved; along with lives.

While the ideas behind data and voice logging software, they are a must have for public safety and industries where heavy traffic flow is managed. 



Voting systems are vital for getting the best signal to the intended receiver. With a switching speed of 10 changes per second, voting systems will judge the best signal from several receivers. It smooths out the reception making everyone sound good no matter where you are in the dispatch center or on scene with your mobile.



2-Way radio batteries and chargers for most major brands and models.  Products are made from top grade materials and manufactured with rigorous quality control standards to ensure exceptional reliability.



Cases for portable radios and pagers designed to withstand the roughest working conditions.  Made of the finest, full-grain leather, specially developed to repel moisture and resist scuffing, these sturdy cases feature strong nickel-plated fasteners and optional quick-disconnect swivels.  You gain the price advantage, but won't sacrifice quality and service.


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