We are a Premier Land-mobile Two-way Radio Dealer, celebrating 40 years as a trusted Kenwood partner. Authorized P-25 specialist, providing communications when it is most critical. 

Not only do we provide equipment hardware, we also offer individually-tailored solutions to meet end user requirements, installation, programming; all supported by impeccable customer service and longterm performance application management 

Government agency trusted, with expertise in government contract management 

Authorized to provide systems to meet U.S. Department of Defense environmental standard

MILSTD 810 Certified Dealer of solutions to operate in extreme conditions such as: temperatures, vibration, shock, solar radiation, salt fog, humidity, rain, dust and atmospheric pressure 

 Expert Repeater consulting with deep knowledge of radio frequency transmission and industry dynamics 

Our founding principles reflect our passion to serve. We provide critical communications in the areas of: government, public safety, education, industrial communications, medical, utilities, as well as the private sector

Our Partners